What Your Clients Should Know About Soft Strip Waxing

What Your Clients Should Know About Soft Strip Waxing

When a new client comes to you for waxing, it’s your job to help them make an informed decision on what kind of waxing experience they want. While people can do their own research, you’re the trusted professional who will be performing the waxing, so you need to relay as much information as possible to them. Keep reading to learn what your clients should know about soft strip waxing.

What Is Soft Strip Waxing?

A new client who’s never been waxed before probably won’t know what soft strip waxing is. If you’re not sure how to explain it to them, try this. Soft strip waxing is when an esthetician applies warm crème wax to your hair and skin, presses a paper on top of it, and then removes that paper quickly, removing the wax with it. The wax will pull the hair out and exfoliate your skin. This type of waxing cannot be repeated over an area due to the risk of skin damage but is very successful for large areas of the body, such as legs.

How Can They Prepare?

When your clients book their first soft strip waxing appointment with you, you need to tell them how to prepare for the appointment. Let them know that their hair should be at least ¼ inch long and that they should avoid shaving for 10 days beforehand. Tell them to clean, exfoliate, and moisturize any area they want to be waxed on the day of the appointment. If their appointment is in the morning, let them know they can do so the night before. Remind them not to tan, since sun exposure can make skin sensitive, and to cover spots like moles or warts, as wax could rip these off and cause damage.

What Should They Do After?

At the beginning and end of the appointment, you should tell your client what they can and can’t do afterward. Let them know that it’s safe to soothe their skin with cold compresses or gels as long as the gels aren’t oily, drying, or heavily scented. Tell them when it’s safe to exfoliate and moisturize as normal and what kind of creams to use. Remind them of safety guidelines, such as avoiding swimming or engaging in physical activity where they may sweat, since this can irritate freshly waxed skin and cause bacteria to grow.

There are many things your clients should know about soft strip waxing. But the most important things are what it is, how to prepare for their appointment, and what they should do afterward. If you want to start offering soft strip waxing to clients or need more wax to continue this service, Bombshell Wax has you covered. We offer professional soft wax that’s beloved by many, as well as other products that can help you grow your business.

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