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Vinyl Synthetic 'Form-Fitting' Exam Gloves | 150 per box

$14.98 $13.50


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Vinyl Synthetic 'Form-Fitting' Exam Gloves | 150 per box

Vinyl Synthetic 'Form-Fitting' Exam Gloves | 150 per box

$14.98 $13.50
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100% latex-free protection and support for those with latex allergies or sensitivities. 


Enjoy excellent tactile sensitivity with these powder-free vinyl gloves, which are suitable for you in waxing centers, beauty salons & beauty schools!


  • Cost effective and ideal for general waxing & facial treatments
  • Constructed with tactile sensitivity and durability in mind
  • Provide protection from dirt, liquids, and contaminants
  • Clear & powder-free, don't obstruct your vision the way opaque gloves do
  • Small, Medium & Large
  • 150 per box

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