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Best Soft Wax | Pricing
Best Soft Wax | Pricing
Best Soft Wax | Pricing
Best Soft Wax | Pricing
Best Soft Wax | Pricing

Best Soft Wax | Pricing

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Professional Soft Wax

Rose Petal Cream Strip Wax is a low-temperature depilatory professional soft wax with a very creamy texture that’s used as a primary soft strip wax for all small and large body parts. It also works as a secondary clean-up wax for stubborn-to-remove hairs. Our Rose Petal pink soft wax is gentle to the skin and comes in a Microwavable Container! 


Q: Do licensed professionals get wholesale pricing or discounts?
A: Yes. Purchasing a single bag of hard wax or a single can of strip wax are all offered at wholesale prices and have listed variant discounts.

Q: How long does an order take to receive, once placed?
A: Orders placed up until 4pm EST Mon - Fri will be shipped same day. Expected package travel time:

  • 1 to 2 days within CT, ME, MA NH, RI & VT

  • 2 to 4 days outside CT, ME, MA NH, RI & VT

  • Call if You need it rushed: (833)-786-3999

Q: Does Bombshell Wax charge shipping?
A: We offer Free Shipping over $250.  Orders under $250 are charged a nominal flat rate NOT based on weight. 

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