New Wax Artist? Learn How To Use Hard Wax Like a Pro

New Wax Artist? Learn How To Use Hard Wax Like a Pro

Viral waxing videos have convinced many people that waxing is for them. The smooth application and perfect hair removal look effortless, and many people decide to learn how to use hard wax to reap these benefits. The problem is that using hard wax isn’t nearly as easy as it looks. Whether you’re already working in a salon and want to start offering waxing services to clients or want to start learning so you can wax yourself, we can help. Keep reading to learn how to use hard wax like a new pro as a new wax artist.

Start With the Right Supplies

Before we explain the waxing process, we have to make sure you have the right waxing supplies. You can’t just use any hard wax or wax warmer you find when you want to start waxing. You need to invest in professional-grade wax, whether you’re waxing professionally or at home, so you know it’s safe for your skin. Investing in a safe wax warmer designed for hard wax beads is also important. You don’t want to use the wrong type of wax warmer or an old faulty one since those mistakes could lead to someone getting hurt.

Look for the Right Consistency

Many people think that melting the wax down to the right temperature is about carefully monitoring that temperature. But you don’t need a thermometer to check whether the wax is ready or not. All you need to do is look for the right consistency.

Achieving the perfect hard wax consistency is difficult for beginners. That’s okay. The more you learn about your wax and your warmer, the better you’ll get at melting it down to the right consistency. Some helpful tips for achieving that consistency are to start the warmer out on high to jump-start the melting process and to remember to stir often. While there are some satisfying melting videos on the internet where the person doesn’t stir the wax as it melts, you won’t get the right results that way. The melting process may look cool in the video, but you’ll end up with pockets of wax that are too hot and too cold, which makes the wax difficult to apply.

After melting on high and stirring well, dip a wooden applicator stick into the wax. When you pull the wax up, it should drip off the end of the applicator like honey. This thick liquid state is the consistency you’re looking for and means you’re ready to move on to the next step of the waxing process.

Prepare the Skin

Once you know your wax is ready, you need to get the skin ready. If you work in a salon, instruct waxing clients to shower the night before an early morning appointment or the morning of an afternoon appointment. They can exfoliate and moisturize after their shower if they so choose. Keep a pre-depilatory oil and powder in your salon to use right before the waxing starts. The oil helps hydrate the skin and provides a buffer between the wax and the skin, so the wax sticks better to the unwanted hair. People with oily skin need to use this oil as well, but you may also need to apply a powder so the natural skin oils don’t make the hair slippery.

If you’re waxing yourself at home, take a shower several hours before you start waxing. Exfoliate and moisturize if you want after the shower, depending on your hair type. When the wax is ready and you’re ready to start, you should apply an oil similar to the one described above for professional clients. Pre-depilatory oils protect the skin and make the waxing process easier. Rub some into the area you’re planning to wax after you make sure the wax is ready, then get ready to apply the wax itself.

Start Waxing

Now, you’re ready to start the waxing process like a pro. Dip a wooden applicator into the molten wax and twist the applicator several times until there is a ball of thick liquid at the end of your stick. If some drips off, that’s okay. Lay down protective paper or cloth between the wax warmer and where you’re waxing so the dripping wax doesn’t get on anything.

Spread the wax evenly across the skin in the direction of hair growth. If you don’t have enough wax to evenly coat the area, you can apply more. Professionals should use a new applicator each time, but people waxing at home can use the same one if they want. Once the wax is evenly spread in the direction of hair growth across the skin, create a small lip on one edge. This will allow you to remove the wax easily later.

Allow the wax to harden for roughly five minutes. This gives it the necessary amount of time to adhere to the hair. Grip the lip you previously created on the edge of the wax and remove the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. Try to pull gently but quickly so all the wax comes off together. If the wax breaks, you can pull off smaller sections. You can also apply another layer of hard wax over the area if you need to clean it up a bit. Remove this layer in the same direction as hair growth.

Apply pressure immediately after removing the wax. The easiest way to do this is by pressing your hand to the affected area. This can help relieve any discomfort you or your client feels in the moment. Cool compresses can also help the area feel better, and people who’ve never waxed before may want to keep them on hand.

If the skin starts to respond to the wax in unexpected ways, you may need to stop the waxing process. Obvious irritation beyond what’s normally expected, excessive sweating or oil production, overheating, and extreme sensitivity are all signs that waxing may not be the right choice. If you’re waxing at home and experiencing these symptoms, talk with a doctor as soon as you can. If you’re waxing someone else at a salon and they experience these symptoms, ask if they’ve discussed waxing with their doctor or a dermatologist. They may have a medical condition they didn’t disclose because they didn’t know it would affect their skin sensitivity. Learning about this beforehand is always best, but if you don’t find out about it until later, that’s okay too. Address the issues as soon as you can.

Learning how to use hard wax like a pro takes patience, but anyone can do that. Whether you’re trying to expand your salon skills or just want a better hair removal treatment at home, waxing is a great option. If you need pink wax for hair removal, Bombshell has wax you’ll love. Our wax beads work great all over your body, melt easily, and are highly flexible, so you can use them however you need to.

New Wax Artist? Learn How To Use Hard Wax Like a Pro

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