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Hard vs. Soft Wax: Which Is Better for Brazilian Waxing?

As a wax artist, you’ve probably fielded plenty of requests for a Brazilian wax. This style is a popular procedure that people often ask for to help intimate skin stay healthy and to accommodate certain lifestyles, such as competitive swimming. If you’ve never provided a Brazilian wax before or want to improve your skills, you need to know which wax is better: hard and soft wax. Each has unique benefits, so you must know how to pick between the two to provide the best experience. Keep reading to learn which wax you should use during your next Brazilian.

Hard Wax

Hard wax is thick, and while it starts as a runny liquid akin to honey, it hardens after you apply it to the skin. The application process takes some time to adjust to since an uneven application can make it break and tear during the removal process. Therefore, it works better for small sections of skin, such as armpits, as opposed to legs or backs. However, some people prefer hard wax and may ask you to use it on larger areas. If you break those large areas down into smaller ones and have extra time to spare, then that should work fine. This type of wax works well on coarse hair.

Soft Wax

Some soft waxes require warming, while others don’t. Regardless of the type of soft wax you have, it will act as a liquid that’s thinner than hard wax. It doesn’t harden after resting on the skin, so the removal process requires waxing strips, which some people find painful. Due to the need for waxing strips, this wax works best on larger areas of skin. It also helps exfoliate skin, which is why many people prefer using it.

Brazilian Waxing

Hard and soft waxes both have their place in the waxing world. However, hard wax is typically better for Brazilians. It doesn’t require wax strips, suits small sections, and works for coarser hair, which is common in the bikini area. Experienced waxing clients who prefer soft wax may still ask for soft wax during their Brazilian, which you can do, but the experience is often more painful and time intensive. As the wax artist, decide what you’re comfortable with so that you can give your clients the best experience possible.

While hard wax is better for Brazilian waxing, soft wax still plays a crucial role in the waxing world. If your salon needs hard wax or soft strip wax to serve your clients, we can help. Bombshell Brands wax will make an excellent addition to your salon. Check out our reviews and ratings from other wax artists!

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