3 Reasons Why Your Hard Wax Is Breaking and Tearing

3 Reasons Why Your Hard Wax Is Breaking and Tearing

As an esthetician, you’ve spent a long time in school learning the proper procedure for various beautification rituals, including waxing. Unfortunately, even with that knowledge and hands-on experience, you can still struggle with some procedures. If you’re having a hard time with hard wax, we can help. Keep reading to learn about three reasons why your hard wax is breaking and tearing so you can prevent these problems from happening again.

Wrong Temperature

Unlike some kinds of soft wax, salon workers have to melt hard wax down to the right temperature and consistency before applying it. Most people think the melting process is easy enough. You just pour hard wax beads into a wax warmer and let them melt until they’re runny enough to apply. However, wax melting is much more precise than that.

There are specific steps estheticians must take to reach the perfect hard wax consistency. If you don’t follow these steps and your wax is too hot or too cold, it can break and tear when you try and remove it. This is frustrating because you must take more time to remove the leftover pieces, and this longer removal process can also be painful for your clients.

Uneven Application

Practice makes perfect, and that saying is true for wax application as well. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at spreading the hard wax at an even thickness. An uneven wax application can leave certain spots too thick or thin, which means those spots break and tear when you try to remove the wax all at once.

Try dividing the waxing area into smaller sections to focus on even wax application in those segments. Trying to spread the wax over too large of an area may cause an uneven application. Breaking those areas into more manageable sections should help you apply the wax evenly until you gain enough experience to work on larger sections.

Improper Wait Time

Waxing requires practice as well as patience. If you apply hot wax and try to remove it immediately, it will tear and only bring part of the hair with it. Alternatively, the wax won’t want to come off the skin if you wait too long.

Most hard waxes need to rest on the skin for about five minutes before they’re ready for removal. Set a timer or keep a clock close so you know when the wax is ready for removal. Make sure to have a small lip on the end of the wax that you can grip as you pull. This will make the removal process easier.

Three reasons why your hard wax is breaking and tearing are that you’re using wax that’s too hot or cold, applying it unevenly, or not waiting for the appropriate amount of time. Once you work to solve these issues, you should have no problems with hard wax. If your salon needs pink hard wax beads or other waxing supplies, Bombshell Brands can help. Our supplies are an excellent high-quality choice for your salon.

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