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3 Steps for the Perfect Hard Wax Consistency

People go to salons for professional waxing because they expect estheticians to wax better than they could at home. While your training can help you, you may still struggle with perfectly melting your wax and providing that ideal client experience. Knowing the steps to get that perfect wax consistency and what to look out for during the melting process will help you provide the best waxing experience. Keep reading to learn about three steps for the perfect hard wax consistency to keep you on the right track.

Start Melting at a High Temperature

To create a perfect wax consistency, start at the right temperature. Hard wax can take a long time to melt, especially if you’re using a lot of it to leave in a warmer for multiple clients or you have a client coming for a full body wax. Set your wax warmer at a high temperature to start the melting process and get the wax started. Leave the wax untouched at the beginning to track how this amount of wax is reacting to that amount of heat. Once the sides of the wax start to melt, you can turn the wax warmer down to a lower temperature and stir so that the slower melting wax in the middle can start melting too.

Stir Consistently

Stirring is essential to ensure your hard wax melts to the right consistency. Mix the wax consistently using a wooden spatula or a similar safe stirring device. The wax will melt faster at the edges of the warmer since they’re touching the hot bottom and sides, while the wax in the middle will melt slower since it’s only touching the bottom. Mixing consistently in a figure eight pattern will ensure that the hotter, more melted wax on the sides gets spread to the middle, and the less melted wax in the middle gets spread to the sides. This way, your wax will melt evenly and create the right consistency to work well for your clients.

Test the Consistency

Before you start waxing your client, you need to test the consistency. This is the last step to ensure the wax is not too hot or too cold. Dip a wooden spatula into the wax and hold it in the air. The wax should easily stick to the spatula while you twirl it and fall off in smooth ribbons like honey. If it doesn’t want to stick to the spatula and quickly slides off, it’s too hot. If it only wants to stick to the spatula and doesn’t drip at all, it’s too cold. Place a light coating of wax on your hand or your arm to double-check that it’s the right consistency before applying it to your client.

The three steps you should follow for the perfect hard wax consistency are melting at a high temperature, stirring consistently, and testing the consistency before application. If you need a depilatory wax warmer for the hard wax in your salon, Bombshell Wax can help. Our equipment and supplies are high quality and will help your salon run at its best.

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