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Can Using Certain Products Help Promote Your Waxing Salon?
Using industry-leading products can propel your waxing salon to great heights. Build trust with your clients while providing excellent customer service. An investment and use of certain products can help promote your waxing salon. Our products, which a European refinery created, only have the finest ingredients to give clients the most desirable results. An investment in Bombshell wax won’t break the bank and will provide wax artists and clients with a suitable product.


Giving clients the most professional service possible should be a salon’s first priority. To achieve this, invest in high-grade formula products. In doing so, you can give those sitting in your chair an ideal result. This looks like product that glides onto the skin, dries quickly, is flexible, removes easily, leaves silky-smooth skin, and is safe on all skin types. An investment in wholesale depilatory wax can help achieve these results as well. This will help hair attach to the wax strip and prevent skin from being removed with it. The less painful the experience for customers, the better.

Product Ingredients

Ingredients are the foundation of your products and, therefore, the foundation of your business! Dive deeper into the ingredients list on the products you currently use. Here at Bombshell, we’re proud to say organic ingredients and essential oils are in the makeup of our products. With over a hundred years of experience, our proprietary formula will invite clients back without saying a word. Simply put, our products speak for themselves. However, it doesn’t hurt to educate your clients on why the products are achieving such excellent service. If possible, inform them that your salon and wax artists only want to use the best, which means offering hypoallergenic and vegan ingredients for even the most sensitive skin.

Realistic Costs

When you find products that don’t break the bank, you’ll enjoy extra cash to save or spend elsewhere at the salon. Despite the finest ingredients and results, our wax is a feasible price for wax artists of all kinds. We want your salon to have access to quality products, from bulk purchases to small orders, without drying its wallet. We offer choices of 10 to 50 pounds of hypoallergenic wax beads. These also come in smaller orders of 2- to 6-pound bags. We offer pink, blue, and teal beads in these sizes with an option for hypoallergenic beads. It’s no secret that using certain products can help promote your waxing salon. And here at Bombshell, we are honored to play a part in your salon’s success!

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