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3 Signs That Your Salon’s Wax Warmer Needs To Be Replaced

If you’re a salon owner, then chances are you want the very best for your salon and the artists within it. In addition to this, you should focus on the products and equipment used on clients—one of these pieces of equipment being wax warmers. Look for these three signs that your salon’s wax warmer needs to be replaced. Don’t wait too long; replace your wax warmer quickly to provide the best service possible to your clients.

Too Small

One sign that your warmer needs replacing is if you don’t have enough wax at once. It’s crucial you don’t pour too much wax into a warmer at once, so in this case, it’s best to purchase a new double warmer. Look for one that can hold both a 14 oz. can of wax or up to 1 lb. of wax beads. The same goes for depilatory wax warmers. Ones with inbuilt microprocessors will provide you with fast, safe, and accurate heating. If this interests you, consider the DEO analog wax warmer.

Indication Light

The indication light on your wax warmer is a crucial element to the process. Once it turns on, it indicates that it’s time to put the wax in to warm. If this light is broken or doesn’t turn on, it can cause inconsistent wax temperatures. This results in unreliable results and a poor experience for the client. As soon as you notice this light is no longer working, it’s time to invest in a new warmer.


If you notice that cracks have been made in the wax warmer, you will want to purchase a new one as soon as possible. Heating elements could be compromised and may even become a fire hazard. This is a dangerous sign out of the three signs that your salon’s wax warmer needs to be replaced. At best, the wax warmer may no longer be effective at heating up wax appropriately. Either way, these are not risks you want to take a chance with. Ensure your equipment is safe, professional looking, and provides professional results.

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