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4 Must-Know Tips for Cleaning a Wax Warmer

Cleaning is a part of caring for the equipment you use. In spas and salons, tidiness is very important since it coincides with sanitation. When you neglect this, you risk equipment breaking down, customers viewing your business in a poor light, or both. Rather than take this risk, inform yourself and your technicians of these four must-know tips for cleaning a wax warmer.

Tip One: Clean It Regularly

Clean your wax warmer between every client. This removes bacteria, making for a sanitary salon. If this isn’t possible, then make sure you at least clean out the waxing pot by the end of the workday.

Tip Two: Heat Wax Before Removing it

Removing wax simply by heating the wax pot and scraping the wax out with a spatula. While you should heat your wax warmer, you don’t need to melt the wax completely. All that matters is that the wax is soft enough for you to scoop it out easily.

Tip Three: Use the Right Cleaner

Most industry experts recommend cleaning your wax pot with isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol. As you do this, make sure the wax pot is turned off and has had a few minutes to cool down. This way, you won’t damage it when you clean it.

Remember, sterilizing your waxing pot is just as vital as cleaning your other tools since all of them can harbor bacteria. As you clean your pot, avoid submerging it in water and harsh substances such as acetone. Both of these things could damage the pot or break it completely.

Tip Four: Save What You Can

The final must-know tip for cleaning a wax warmer is to keep any possible material since this also means saving money. So long as you didn’t double-dip into the waxing pot while providing your services, you can reuse it since it won’t be contaminated. Pour this wax into a container to store it for later use. However, if you did double dip—even once—you must dispose of any leftover wax.

When you work in this industry, you pay good money for quality supplies, so taking care of them ensures everything lasts as long as possible. Shop at Bombshell for professional wax warmers for hair removal, top-of-the-line wax, and more. Only buy the best products for your salon!

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