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Popular Bikini Wax Trends in 2022 To Know About

As the cold weather finally begins to ease up, it’s almost time for that wonderful warm breeze and spring vacations! Read up on the popular bikini wax trends in 2022 to know about; you can keep on top of trends to better appeal to customers. Learn these top methods so you know what to offer in your salon to drive up your client base.

A Standard Wax

The standard bikini wax is good to know since it’s among the most popular for clients to request. This waxing style removes hair right along the bikini line to keep things looking sleek and clean as you show off your swimsuit. Not only is the standard bikini wax popular, but it’s also fairly easy to learn if you’re new to waxing.

The French Bikini Wax

The French bikini wax is a great direction to steer clients if they want more hair removed than a standard wax but aren’t quite ready for a Brazilian. This style removes most of the hair, especially what’s along the panty line, leaving a rectangular shape of hair on the front section.

The Brazilian Wax

This is another popular waxing style that removes hair from the entire bikini area. Keep in mind that there are a couple of different versions of this style, so talk to your client about their options on where they want hair removed before waxing.

This style is great for those planning to wear a more revealing bikini since it removes most hair from those areas. However, this is not for first-time waxing technicians since it’s a bit more complicated and can feel painful for the client.

Hollywood Bikini Wax

The final popular bikini wax trends in 2022 to know about is the Hollywood bikini wax. Similar to a Brazilian wax, this removes a majority of the hair in your lower region. However, the difference between a Hollywood and Brazilian bikini wax is that it removes all the hair in the lower region, making it completely bald.

Use the Best Wax

High-quality wax makes waxing easier for your technicians and more comfortable for clients. Bombshell Was sells depository wax wholesale so you can purchase your inventory in bulk.

We’ve got hard wax, soft wax strips, and wax warmers—all the supplies you need for your salon to thrive! By using wax that’s easy to apply and less painful to remove, you’ll keep your clients happy. Stock up on all the essentials so you can offer these popular bikini trends in your salon.

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