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Waxing Trends 2020 | An Inquiry Mind Wants to Know
Why does hair removal continue to be a popular topic and service in spas today?
  • Waxing is just about part of our DNA; meaning, the history of waxing for women can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt and back to Roman Empire for men.
  • Society demands instant gratification and laser hair removal is far from instant.  It's not a good option for darker skin types, requires multiple painful treatments and is not effective on thin/light vellus hair on the face & body. 
What is driving the popularity of hair removal?
  • Selfies and people wearing less & less clothes
  • Influencers like JLo & Shakira @ the Super Bowl
What's new in hair removal options? Please explain.
    • Options remain the same, but laser technology continues to work to minimize pain & increase speed. 
    • New hypoallergenic synthetic hard waxes are now available to help with sensitive skin types and the demand for Vegan & Gluten Free wax.
    • Hair removal by "Sugaring" and Threading, around for thousands of years, continue to be found on more spa menus.

    What are today's waxing trends? (More natural? bare?)

    • Skimpier bikini designs are demanding higher leg full bikini waxing.
    • Brazilian hair removal continues to be very hot.
    • Playful Pubic Hair designs for males
    • Playful Pubic Hair designs for females
    • Manzilian waxing and more body waxing by men in general
    • Bold & framed eyebrow waxing

    What are some of the top ingredients used in post-hair removal products and how can they benefit the hair removal process and the client's skin?

    • Hair removal will cause some level of skin inflammation in everyone. Great post-waxing products include:
      • Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Hydrocortisone Cream
      • Natural anti-inflammatory essential oils like Tea Tree, Lavender and Jasmin.
      • Over the counter post wax products include Tend Skin & PFB/
    Can you provide some tips for marketing hair removal services and products?
      • Qualify your strategy with 3 questions:
        • Does your offer Engage?
        • Does your offer Educate?
        • Does your offer Entice the reader to buy?
      • Enhance your waxing menu with combined treatments
      • Customize treatments with your own branded name
      • Focus on branding the "experience" not the treatment

      What are some dos and don'ts that hair removal professionals should give to clients to help them maintain and prolong their hair removal treatment?


      • exfoliate the waxing area a few days before waxing
      • grow hair to at least a 1/4" and don't shave
      • women should not be waxed down-under on or before their period


      • wait at least 24 hours before having sex if waxed down-under
      • wait at least 24 hours before exfoliating, swimming, and sun-bathing
      • avoid tight clothes
      • Keep-up waxing; every 3 to 4 weeks. The better the routine the "lesser" the pain

      Please feel free to add commentary on anything else you think we should know about!

      • Waxing is a skin treatment.  Therefore, every wax artist needs to manage their clients wax experience  like a traditional facial; cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and especially sooth. 
      • Explain to clients why you are doing what you are doing through the entire process of the treatment.  This helps educate the client on your value as a professional and thus differentiates you from the competition.
      • The wax artist needs to remember clients will "never forget how you make them feel" and how you make them feel is what defines your reputation.
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