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Beauty Supplies Every Successful Spa Needs
There are a few items every spa needs to thrive and keep every client thrilled. Some supplies are more important than others, as what’s most important depends on the services you offer. Check out what beauty supplies every successful spa needs to give clients what they want!

Comfort Essentials

Keeping clients feeling relaxed is one of the most important things you do. Customers search out your service to decompress, so ensure client comfort with:

  • Robes and slippers
  • Lush towels
  • Essential oils

As you go through and jot down what supplies you need to keep all customers feeling at ease, you should also note that cleaning supplies are necessary. In addition, ensure you have the equipment to sterilize tools. This helps clients feel more comfortable while receiving your service and boosts your spa’s reputation.

Beauty Basics

Handling client comfort is only part of the equation since there are plenty of beauty supplies every successful spa needs to excel. You’ll need treatments for various skin types and tools for any service you plan to offer. Experts also recommend you buy:

  • Facial sponges
  • Massage oils or lotions
  • Facial scrubs

Every spa specializes in something different, so the supplies you need most will differ. For facials, you may need a cleanser, microdermabrasion, and moisturizer. Base your inventory around the pampering your spa offers.


You should always have a good inventory of the materials you use most. For example, if one of your top services is waxing, regularly keep track of how much you have. You should have plenty of wax, waxing strips, and other essentials—you never want to turn a client away due to low inventory. Bombshell Wax sells high-quality wax that’s safe for all skin types.

Additional Must-Have Supplies

Buying products according to the services you offer is crucial to success, and there are a few beauty items you’ll need to make the experience more luxurious. You may want to consider investing in additional items like a jade roller and a facial steamer.

Always have the items you need so your employees can provide their services to every client. For waxing essentials, shop at Bombshell! We have a wide variety, from blue wax beads to wax warmers, so you can keep every customer feeling fresh. Once you have all the basics, you’ll make every client feel like new after visiting your spa.

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