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4 Ways To Make Waxing More Comfortable for Your Clients

Waxing can feel a bit uncomfortable, and for some, it may even hurt a bit. However, knowing these four ways to make waxing more comfortable for your clients ensures they have a great experience. Customers book visits to your business with the expectation of a great experience! Surpass their expectation with a few tips from seasoned professionals.

Leave a Great First Impression

When a customer comes into your salon or spa, greet them with professionalism. Everyone should feel welcome, especially first-timers, so introduce yourself. Then, as you walk them back to receive your service, get to know them or ask questions about their skin, so you provide the best service.

Some individuals may feel nervous if it’s their first time visiting or receiving a wax job. Likewise, some may feel slightly embarrassed depending on how exposed they’ll be during the waxing process. By remaining friendly, you help put them at ease and leave a great first impression.

Have Consultation Forms

When someone new comes into the salon, have them fill out a consultation form. This ensures your customer receives the services they’re looking for, but it also informs technicians of what work they’ll do. The form should regard the service the client booked as well as:

  • Hair removal history
  • Skin issues
  • Results they’re hoping for

Having each client fill this out lets your technician know what service to provide and what products to use. Clients with certain allergies may need different products. Additionally, have technicians discuss the information on the form with the client to clarify anything unclear.

Great Communication Is Key

Talking to your client about their skin type is a must, but communication shouldn’t end here. Experts recommend you discuss the service your customer booked to help them understand the process. If this is their first time getting an area of their body waxed, explain the process to them.

As you discuss the waxing process, you should also recommend any lotions and other products they should use once they get home. Post-wax care may differ depending on the individual or type of waxing they received. Give them tips on tending to their skin and ways to ease any discomfort.

Since some procedures are a bit more personal than others, keep the conversation going, and remember it’s not limited to wax. You can ask about their skin-care routine, what they do to relax, or talk about their interests.

Keep Topics Appropriate

So long as the conversation remains professional, most topics are fine. However, if you need discussion ideas, consider asking about their interests, passions, or if they have pets. Just remember to avoid personal and controversial topics like religion, politics, and relationships.


As you provide your client with tips on caring for their freshly waxed skin, you should also talk about aftercare. It’s just as important to talk to them about frequency, especially if they’ve praised your service.

The time between appointments varies from two to five weeks, depending on what area you waxed. Informing your client of this helps them keep their skin smooth and healthy.

Purchase the Right Products

Invest in quality products for all skin types to turn new customers into regulars. If customers wanted to use subpar skin-care essentials, then they wouldn’t have booked your services. While buying cheap products may save some money, it also drives clients away and may make the process more painful.

Some of the products you’ll need include:

  • Body wax
  • Waxing strips
  • Wax warmers
  • Body lotion

Keep in mind that these are just some of the basics for a top-of-the-line spa, as other waxing tools, like spatulas, make application easy. Review the consultation form or talk to your customer before applying a product to their skin.

Buy the Best Wax

Keep the process quick and painless for every client that walks into the spa. The products—and, more importantly, the wax—you buy reflects your business. You want customers to leave raving reviews and see you as an expert offering high-quality services.

Bombshell Wax offers various colored wax beads ranging from blue to pink body wax! Not only does our wax melt at lower temperatures, but it also keeps the process painless. Buy a product that works for all skin types to keep hair removal easy!

Set the Right Environment

Creating the right environment is part of customer comfort, so greet each client with a smile. By dimming the lights and playing relaxing music, you put your clients at ease. Likewise, the entire spa should be well-decorated and clean.

Keep Clients Comfortable

Customer comfort is among the most important components when setting an environment. To keep your clients feeling at ease, consider having essential oils or heated beds in the room. If your spa has heated beds, ask the client whether they’re OK with them. Although some may love the additional heat, it could create discomfort for others.

Keep Your Business Pristine

A clean spa is a quality one, so keep everything well organized in both the lobby and service rooms. Hygiene protocols are necessary for every business in the beauty industry, as bacteria and natural oils may otherwise remain on tools.

You need to wash your hands before putting gloves on, even though they cover your hands. Likewise, take time to wash the area with a cleanser before applying the wax. In doing this, you prevent the risk of bacteria or dirt infecting the follicles.

Don’t Forget To Clean Up

After walking a client out, sterilize your tools, wipe out the wax pot, and dispose of gloves or strips you utilized. Likewise, you should wipe down the table and wash any towels used for the customer. By doing this in between appointments, you make the most of your time to remain on schedule.

Noting the many ways to make waxing more comfortable for your clients keeps your business thriving. Since you have the skills, show off your expertise. An anxious customer will feel more at ease when they see you’re an expert in the industry. The right wax makes the experience, and customers will keep coming back for more when you shop at Bombshell Wax!

4 Ways To Make Waxing More Comfortable for Your Clients

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