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8 Waxing Post-Care Tips To Share With Your Clients

Waxing is a unique experience, and clients may need help navigating what to do before and after their appointments, whether they’re familiar or unfamiliar with the process. If you have a client who needs help figuring out how to care for their skin after a waxing appointment with you, break down the skin care rules that will keep them comfortable and their skin healthy. Keep reading to learn about eight waxing post-care tips that you can share with your clients who need extra help.

Specific Skin Care

After a wax appointment, the skin of the waxed area needs specific care. Clients who are familiar with waxing may know to do some of these things, but perhaps not all of them, and people who aren’t as familiar may not know any of this information. Make sure to share all these tips with your clients no matter their experience level so that they can stay comfortable and keep their skin healthy.


Skin goes through a lot during the waxing process, which can lead to bumps and blemishes. Your experienced clients may think this is par for the course, but it doesn’t have to be. Remind them to use a skin cleanser on the affected area (unless it’s a bikini wax) and gently rinse the area with warm water. Share this info with new clients as soon as they get their first wax so that they can make the practice a habit and never have to deal with post-wax acne.


Waxing can easily dry out the skin, especially if your client is already prone to dry skin. So make sure your clients know that they can and should moisturize their skin after appointments. Oils promote moisture better than lotions, so suggest that your clients use an anti-inflammatory oil that will moisturize without causing irritation. If a client still prefers lotion, remind them to choose one with all-natural ingredients and no added perfumes or colorants, as these can cause irritation.


Waxing can often remove a thin top layer of skin, so most clients assume they’re already exfoliated for a while after their appointments. That’s partially true, a proper exfoliation is still important. Several days after the waxing appointment, your client should gently exfoliate their skin to avoid any ingrown hairs. Exfoliating will also keep the skin clear in between waxing appointments.


Shaving is quick and easy, an inexpensive hair removal treatment your clients can do at home. However, if they like getting waxed and want to keep coming to you for that service, then you need to stress how important it is to not shave between appointments. They might be tempted to take care of a section they think is unruly, but remind them that that’s your job. Hair needs to be at least one-quarter of an inch long for a successful wax, and if your client shaves in between wax appointments, the hair won’t be long enough. This means they’re going to have to wait even longer for another appointment, throwing them off schedule.

General Skin Care

Our skin is delicate, and it requires all the specific care we just described above. But that doesn’t mean that cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and avoiding shaving are all there is to do after a wax. If your experienced clients do all of those things and are still having post-wax problems, or if you have a new client who has no idea how to care for themselves after a wax, then you need to share the general care tips below.

Avoid the Sun

This one is easier said than done. The sun is hard to avoid, especially in warmer months when the sun is out for longer. Instead of demanding that your clients adopt vampire lifestyles and never go outside, just caution them to avoid long stints in direct sunlight and to always wear sunscreen. Freshly waxed skin is even more sensitive and delicate than normal skin, which means too much sun can burn and irritate it.

Try Not To Sweat

Similarly, trying not to sweat can feel impossible, especially during the hotter months. And again, this isn’t something you can make your clients swear not to do. But you can caution them to avoid situations that they know will cause excessive sweating, such as going to saunas and exercising.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

Your client probably showed up in loose-fitting clothes to make their waxing appointment easier—so make sure to compliment them and encourage them to continue this fashion statement for the next few days. Some clients may think that tight clothes will better protect waxed skin, but the opposite is actually true. Freshly waxed skin is oversensitive, which means that tight clothes rubbing against it will hurt the area, not protect it. This rule also applies to undergarments, so remind any bikini wax clients that they’ll need to break out some cotton granny panties for the next few days.

Book Another Appointment

If your clients want to see the best, most consistent results, then they need to have regular waxing appointments. Some people write this off as a wax artist trying to make more money off them, but those who have skipped a few appointments and come back with unruly hair know better. Help your clients avoid learning their lesson the hard way by encouraging them to book their next appointment right after finishing their current one. The ideal time frame for a follow-up appointment is three to four weeks, depending on how fast their hair grows, so suggest somewhere in that time frame.

There’s a lot that your clients need to know about taking care of their skin after waxing appointments. Sharing these eight waxing post-care tips with them will help them stay comfortable and keep their skin healthy, so make sure you take the time to explain all of this info.

If you’ve depleted your wax supplies and need to get more before you hand out this advice to clients, we’ve got you covered. Our blue hard wax beads are easy to melt, and they create an almost painless waxing experience for your clients. If you have any questions about our hard wax beads or anything else related to waxing, feel free to reach out.

8 Waxing Post-Care Tips To Share With Your Clients
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