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Why the Type of Wax Beads You Use in Your Salon Matters

In this cutthroat corporate world, only the businesses that provide the best experience for their clients survive, and that includes salons. If your salon truly aims to give customers the best experience possible, then you have to use the best products at your disposable. While your salon probably stocks hundreds of products, none matter as much as wax. Getting waxed is an intimidating and often painful experience, so you have to use the right wax to keep your customers comfortable and happy. Keep reading to learn why the type of wax beads you use in your salon matters.

Pain Levels

As we mentioned above, waxing is a painful experience for the recipient. You’re ripping hair and sometimes skin off their body and expecting a thank you and payment in response. To make sure you get that result, the wax you use should be as painless as possible. While no waxing experience is pain free, the type of wax you use can help with pain levels.

Hard wax is gentler on skin, so use hard wax to reduce your client’s pain and give them the best experience possible. While soft wax works better on large parts of the body, such as legs, try to use hard wax as often as you can to make the experience less painful.

Skin Sensitivities

People with sensitivities already know what it’s like for their skin after little provocation. Some stay away from all forms of body waxing in order to avoid worsening that potential irritation or pain. Some want the waxing experience anyways, and if you want to serve them well, then the type of wax you use matters. As we mentioned above, hard wax is gentler on skin, so you need to have plenty on hand when sensitive clients come in for an appointment.

How you apply hard wax on sensitive skin also matters. Ask the client beforehand if they prefer waxing in large or small sections, depending on the type of session they booked. While you probably have a preferred protocol, they know their skin best. Taking their preference into consideration will make the experience easier for them.

Ingredients and Additives

The wax you use in your salon matters because you need to know what’s in it. Some manufacturers use ingredients and additives that your clients don’t want on their skin, and you need to know that before you order. Hard wax contains natural ingredients and additives that help it perform well and soothe skin simultaneously.

The type of wax you use in your salon matters because it affects the pain levels and skin sensitives of your clients. You also need to know what ingredients and additives are in the wax so that your employees and customers stay safe. If you need professional wax beads for your salon, we offer various sizes and various colors so you can order exactly what you need.

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