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5 Tips for Waxing the Bikini Area for New Wax Artists

The bikini area is one of the human body’s most intimate and sensitive areas. As a waxing artist, it’s your job to wax this area in a way that keeps your client comfortable and gives them satisfying results. If you’re a new wax artist who’s never waxed this area before, you may worry about doing a good job. Keep reading to learn five tips for waxing the bikini area, so you can confidently approach your first bikini wax.

Consult with the Client

The first step to any waxing appointment is consulting the client beforehand. Learn about their skin and waxing history and if there are any conditions you should know about, such as sensitives or allergies. Write down all the important information you learn so you can reference it later during the actual waxing appointment. This will help you look more professional and prevent the client from repeating themselves.

Clean the Area

You should always clean an area before you wax it. It’s especially important for you to clean the bikini area since the skin is extra sensitive. Intimate skin is also more prone to infection since these areas often sweat. Use a pre-depilatory oil to cleanse and moisturize the area at the beginning of the waxing appointment to ensure the skin is clean and the wax will only grab the hair.

Work in Sections

No waxing artist would apply wax to the entire leg and try to rip it off at once. You shouldn’t try to do so with the bikini area, either. Break down the bikini area into smaller sections and wax one section at a time. Remember to apply the wax in the direction of hair growth and pull in the opposite direction. Check in with your client after each section to make sure they’re comfortable.

Use the Right Product

If your client experienced a bikini wax in the past, they might have a product preference. However, despite client preferences, it’s often best to use hard wax in the bikini area. Hard wax is less painful since it only sticks to hair. You can also reapply hard wax if you miss any hair. Conversely, you can’t reapply soft wax since it could damage the skin. If you need blue hard wax or wax in another color, Bombshell Wax is happy to provide high-quality, affordable wax.

Give Aftercare Instructions

Since you can’t go home with a client and make sure they take care of their skin, you need to give clear aftercare instructions at the end of the appointment. Remind them not to exercise, engage in sexual activity, tan, go to a sauna, go swimming, or exfoliate the area. These activities can hurt the sensitive skin you just waxed, and as a professional wax artist, it’s your job to make sure they understand those dangers.

These tips for waxing the bikini area take you from the start to the end of the waxing process. As a new wax artist, it may take you some time to get comfortable with these steps and memorize them, but that’s okay. With practice and mentoring, you’ll learn how to take care of your clients and give them a satisfactory waxing experience.

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