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Top 5 Tips To Know for Waxing Mature Skin

There is no limit on who can enjoy a waxing treatment. People of all body types, gender identities, and ages should feel comfortable booking a waxing appointment with your salon. However, despite your desire to make everyone feel comfortable, your salon may not have much practice waxing people with different skin types, including mature skin. Keep reading to learn the top five tips to know for waxing mature skin to ensure you’re prepared to help older clients feel comfortable.

Consult the Client Beforehand

Poor communication is one of the most common wax artist mistakes and you need to do your best to avoid making this mistake with older clients. Many older clients have sensitive skin, especially if they’re women who’ve already experienced menopause or someone who’s had lots of sun exposure. Taking the time to discuss these potential skin problems with your client before their treatment is essential for ensuring they have a comfortable waxing experience.

Use Pre-Depilatory Oil

In addition to the sensitivities we’ve mentioned above, mature skin is also drier than most other skin types. This is because our skin produces less oil as we get older. Most older people keep their skin moisturized and healthy with lotion, but as many salons instruct their clients to forgo lotions before waxing appointments, you’ll have to hydrate your client’s skin yourself. Using a pre-depilatory oil does the trick, cleansing the client’s skin and helping the wax only stick to the client’s hair, not their skin.

Check Temperature

Our skin gets thinner as we get older, which means we’re more sensitive to temperature changes. To help your older client feel more comfortable with hot wax, you should check the temperature before you apply it. Allow the client to feel the heat of the wax in a small area before applying it to a large area. If they say it’s too hot, do your best to accommodate their needs while keeping the wax the right consistency.

Hold Skin Taut

Aging often makes our skin wrinkle, which can create a problem during the waxing process. If you’re accustomed to waxing younger, naturally taut skin, you may think wax removal is easy. However, mature skin isn’t naturally taut. You’ll need to apply pressure to help hold the waxing area taut so that you can safely remove the wax. This is easier to do in smaller sections, so if you’re waxing a larger area, such as legs, make sure to work in smaller sections.

Prioritize Aftercare

Since mature skin is so sensitive, it’s imperative that you take good care of it after you remove the wax. Have cool compresses and soothing post-depilatory oils on hand in case your client needs them. Allow your client to sit in the waxing area for as long as they desire so that they can fully recover. Don’t forget to send them home with a written list of aftercare instructions to help keep their skin healthy between appointments.

Waxing mature skin takes extra time and patience, but these top five tips will make the process easier. If your salon needs extra supplies to better cater to diverse clients, Bombshell Wax sells pink body wax that you’ll love.

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