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What Estheticians Should Know About Waxing Safety

When a wax appointment goes well, customers leave with smooth skin and a desire to come back again. Part of what helps an appointment go well is an esthetician prioritizing the client’s comfort and safety. If your salon is planning to introduce waxing services for the first time or you’ve just hired an esthetician who’s never waxed someone before, learning about safety should be the top priority. Keep reading to learn what estheticians should know about waxing safety.

Safety Starts With You

While it’s important for your client to properly prepare for their waxing appointment with you, you are the professional in this situation. It’s your job to make sure that waxing goes smoothly and safely for you and the client. This starts with making sure that the tools you use are disinfected and the work area is clean. Any instruments or equipment that touches the client’s body needs to be sterilized and safe. Never assume that someone else has already cleaned an instrument or area. Either clean it yourself or ask questions until you know who performed the cleaning so you know everything is ready for the appointment.

Wax Temperature is Important

In beauty school, you probably learned about wax temperature and how it interacts with skin and hair. You have to keep wax at a certain temperature for it to work effectively on your client. But keeping wax at a specific temperature is about more than a smooth application and removal process—it’s also about safety. Bacteria can develop on wax if you leave it in a warmer at a lower temperature, so keeping your wax at 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will prevent that development. This will keep you safe and healthy in case you accidentally touch the wax without your gloves on and will keep your waxing clients safe as well.

Communication is Key

Clear communication is the key to keeping you and your client safe. You need to talk to each other before the appointment so you both know what to expect. Talking throughout the appointment, especially to tell your client what you’re doing, will also keep you both safe so that they know what you’re doing and why. Encourage them to talk throughout the appointment as well, especially if they need to change positions or take a break. This way, you both know what the other one is doing, and no one gets wax in the wrong place or accidentally gets hurt in any way.

There’s a lot of information that estheticians should know about waxing safety. Keeping tools and work areas clean, keeping wax at the right temperature, and clearly communicating with clients are the three most important safety measures. Make sure the estheticians in your salon are aware of all these precautions before they start waxing. And if your salon needs blue wax beads or other supplies as you start offering waxing services, Bombshell Wax is happy to provide you with everything you need.

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