Waxing Myths That You Have To Stop Believing

Waxing Myths That You Have To Stop Believing

The internet is full of helpful information, but it’s also full of myths. Myths about waxing abound, especially since anyone can share their opinion and have it taken as fact. As a waxing salon, you must ensure your clients don’t believe these internet myths and have the correct information. Keep reading to learn about the waxing myths that you have to stop believing so you can help your clients stay well-informed.

Waxing Hurts

So, here’s the thing, waxing does hurt, especially the first few times. But many people on the internet blow this pain out of proportion, to the point that new clients expect their skin to get ripped off. Assure them that while they can expect mild pain and discomfort, they shouldn’t experience anything excruciating. Communication is also crucial. If they have sensitive skin or it’s too close to their menstrual cycle, there’s a chance that waxing will feel more painful. If they share this information with you beforehand, you can take precautions, like using more pre-depilatory oil or waxing in smaller sections.

Waxing Damages Skin

Too many people erroneously believe that waxing can damage their skin. While wax does lightly adhere to the skin as it grabs onto hair follicles, it doesn’t damage the skin when removed. Clients may experience an exfoliating effect, and skin can be pretty raw after a wax, but the skin shouldn’t be damaged. If you help them apply post-depilatory oil at the end of their appointment and ensure they know how to care for their skin when they get home, there shouldn’t be any problems.

You Shouldn’t Exfoliate After

Skin is sensitive after waxing, which leads many people to believe that they shouldn’t exfoliate afterward. However, exfoliating will help your clients avoid ingrown hairs, so they need to do so at the proper time. Remind them to wait until 48 hours after waxing before exfoliating, but once they hit the 48-hour mark, they’re welcome to do so. Exfoliating a few times a week and regular moisturizing will help them keep their skin healthy between waxes.

Only Women Get Waxed

While waxing is a popular choice of hair removal for women, all types of people choose to get waxed at professional salons or at home. Professional waxing is safer since you’re trained and licensed; anyone should feel comfortable coming to you for those services. Make people of all genders and identities feel comfortable coming to your salon by using inclusive, genderless language whenever possible.

The waxing myths that you have to stop believing are that it hurts, damages your skin, you can’t exfoliate after, and only women do it. Once you educate your clients, so they no longer believe these myths, they can feel more confident booking waxing appointments. And when your salon needs professional waxing products as you continue to serve your customers, Bombshell Wax has you covered.

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