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3 Unique Benefits of Using Hard Wax Beads

As an esthetician, you’ve probably already learned about the important differences between soft wax and hard wax. However, hard wax beads have some unique pros that you may not have previously considered. Keep reading to learn about the three unique benefits of using hard wax beads in your salon.

Easy Clean-Up

When we think of the benefits of using hard wax beads, we often think about how they help the waxing experience. But hard wax offers additional benefits to your salon, especially in how easy they are to clean up after a spill. Soft wax will make any surface sticky and tacky, so it’s hard to clean up, even with professional cleaners.

All you have to do is let hard wax dry, and then you can peel it off almost any surface. The only surface you may have to worry about damaging with wax is a leather or upholstered chair, but in that situation, the type of wax you use won’t make much of a difference. Both types may damage the chair.

Cheaper Upkeep

Hard wax beads require fewer supplies than soft wax, which makes running your salon more cost-effective. While soft wax requires warmers, the wax, applicators, and removal strips, hard wax beads don’t require the strips. You may think that saving money on one supply won’t make much of a financial difference, but you’d be mistaken.

Since you may need to wax the same area up to three times with soft wax, you’re probably using more wax strips than you expect, and that costs you extra money. Save your salon money by using hard wax instead and forgoing the need for removal strips.

Client Comfort

Most waxing clients describe hard wax as the gentler wax, and many estheticians agree. Since hard wax hardens on top of the skin for easy hand removal, it’s less painful for clients, which is a big benefit to your salon. People who know the difference between soft and hard wax are more likely to choose your salon if they know you have hard wax beads on hand. And clients who want to experience professional waxing for the first time may feel more comfortable coming to your salon if you can explain how hard wax doesn’t hurt as much as soft wax.

Three unique benefits of using hard wax beads are that hard wax is easier to clean up, cheaper to offer, and more comfortable for your clients. If your salon needs hard wax beads so that you can reap these benefits, Bombshell Wax can help. Our hard wax beads come in various sizes and colors so that you can buy what your salon needs.

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