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How To Ensure Repeat Business to Your Waxing Salon

Do you want to ensure repeat business for your waxing salon? Implement these cornerstones into your salon and watch client experience improve. Additionally, have confidence in yourself, your employees, and your salon. Build a system within the salon that will not fail and can give you peace of mind for the future of your business.


The first step with any successful waxing salon may seem a little obvious. Try to attract customers and the demographic interested in your services. For example, if you have a larger number of women than men that come to receive services from you, cater to this demographic. Maybe you want to offer a Girls Night Out with discounted services. Or you could simply create an aesthetic that caters to the demographics in your area most. Clients don’t just want a service from you—they want an experience. Having a trendy and style-appropriate salon will help you to achieve this.


Build your clientele, and, more importantly, continue to build a relationship with each client as they continue to receive services from you. If they are open to it, ask them questions about themselves and their life. Show them that you care about them as another human being. If you have a hard time keeping your clients and their lives straight (let’s face it, it’s hard when you see so many people), then consider keeping a journal and writing notes after they leave about them. They will feel special when you ask them about a, b, or c next time you sit in their chair.

Additionally, make sure you devote quality time with them about long-term and short-term goals from the salon. This can lead into a healthy discussion about after-session care and how to take care of their body after a wax session. Remember—an educated client is a client who will trust you. Hand out pamphlets specifically designed for your salon that will tell share in the benefits of a wax salon. Consider including other places within your community in your pamphlet. This doesn’t have to include other salons. It could simply share the best places to shop, eat, or watch entertainment. This will make clients trust that you are not just “another” salon; instead, you are a part of a larger community. Knowing that you value other businesses and they value you will help build a client’s respect for your salon.


It can be a nice touch to your salon to offer special services that clients need only on special occasions, like bridal parties. However, it’s crucial that you offer services that clients need on a regular basis. This will keep them in your chair regularly and provide them with the best long-term results possible.

Review your current services. Are they what your clients really need? Additionally, reflect on your prices. Do your prices cater to your demographic? Are they too high or too low? You don’t want to stand out poorly for services that don’t reflect the professional services you provide. Look at the market around you and the average price as well. Regroup and decide if your prices are really where they should be for a successful salon and client experience.


Incentives can keep your regulars coming back. After all, shouldn’t loyal customers receive a thank you now and again? An incentive could come in many different shapes and forms. For example, provide a customer with a coupon for another service in the future. This could be provided after they have come to you for a certain amount of time. Your salon could also consider a referral incentive program. If someone comes to you as a referral, both them and your previous client receive a certain amount off their next appointment. Whatever be it, they’ll be happy to save a little money, and their opinion of your salon will only improve.


Marketing is another element that will carry your salon to successful heights. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Create an account on Instagram and Facebook for your waxing salon. Make sure these accounts are connected, so that when you post on Instagram, it will automatically post on Facebook. Use free graphic design apps on your phone to create professional advertisements. Social media is another great way to share the faces of your salon with clients. When clients can see the face of who’s helping them, they’ll be more inclined to make an appointment. It builds trust when a client can see the face of a service provider. You may also want to share the kind of products you use with clients. When you educate your client on product such as professional wax beads, they can trust that you will provide them with the best service possible.

Follow Up

Following up with clients can be another opportunity to build that trust. And with a waxing salon, you’ll want to make sure clients are keeping up with their post-service aftercare. Use your discretion about what form of contact to use. Impress a customer with a text or email asking them if they have any questions and how they are feeling after their appointment. If they seem to be doing well and are a regular, they may not need this kind of follow-up. Their follow-up may be a simple thank you graphic via email or something friendly that relates to the conversation you had with them in person. Long story short, establish those relationships!


Establish a system for recurring appointments. Decide what you want to say to, or not say, to each client at the end of a service. If they seem open to another service, try to schedule at the same time next appointment session. Make a habit of keeping services at the same time for clients. They may have work schedules that can conflict with their appointments. By keeping the same time, you negate a possible cancellation due to a work schedule. By setting up recurring appointments, you also ensure your regulars receive the weekly, biweekly, or monthly services that they need.

Have confidence in your salon and watch it become successful. Implement these tips to ensure repeat business for your waxing salon. Use discipline with the process. Results don’t happen from implementing these tips overnight. Keep up with it and stay patient. Over time, your salon will reap benefits and repeat business.

How To Ensure Repeat Business to Your Waxing Salon

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