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Top 4 Requested Waxing Services by Male Clientele

Nowadays, people of all ages and identities enjoy the look and feel of waxed skin, including men. If you’re hoping to entice male clientele, here are their top requested waxing services you should offer.

Back and Chest

Hair tends to grow the thickest on men’s backs and chests. However, many of them struggle to groom their backs on their own due to the awkward angle. Instead of continuing these struggles, many men are requesting back and chest waxing services at waxing salons. Consider offering and advertising these services as a package, so men know they can come to your salon for their waxing needs.

Legs and Arms

Everyone has hair on their legs and arms, and though some people leave it alone, others want to get rid of it. There are various reasons to wax leg and arm hair, such as participating in sports like swimming and wanting to show off tattoos. Alternatively, some people just like the look and feel of hairless arms and legs. Whatever the reason, men are requesting this service more and more. Make sure to include men in your marketing images for these types of waxes, so they know they’re welcome at your salon.

Facial Waxes

Eyebrows, ears, and beards all produce hair that many men want to keep groomed. Unfortunately, shaving these areas is difficult, and the hair comes back quickly. To keep their hair well-groomed for longer, many men want their eyebrows, ears, and beards waxed. Offer these services as individual or packaged deals, so men can pick out the services they need.

Intimate Waxes

Some men appreciate the grooming benefits of keeping intimate areas waxed and clean. Others are involved in sports that require full-body waxes—such as swimming. Whatever the reason for the increase in male clientele requesting intimate waxes, ensure your wax artists are prepared to provide them. Waxing male anatomy is different from waxing female anatomy, so your employees may require additional training.

Salons are seeing an increase in male clientele, including those requesting waxing services. The services we listed above are some of the most popular for this growing customer base. If you want to service these new clients well, you’ll need more wax for all skin types, including hypoallergenic hard wax beads. Remember to always communicate with every single client about their skin, so you use the right wax for their skin needs.

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