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The Gentle Power of Hypoallergenic Strip Wax

In the world of hair removal, estheticians play a crucial role in helping clients achieve smooth, hair-free skin. Whether it's for special occasions, self-care routines, or simply a preference, waxing has become a popular choice for those seeking effective and long-lasting results. As an esthetician, your choice of wax can make all the difference in providing a comfortable and satisfying hair removal experience. That's where using a hypoallergenic strip wax, like Cleari Zero, new from Bombshell Wax, is key.

Understanding Hypoallergenic Strip Wax

Hypoallergenic strip wax, also known as soft wax, is becoming a holy grail for beauty professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike, transforming the hair removal experience into a gentle and skin friendly process. Let's delve into the numerous benefits of using hypoallergenic strip wax in your waxing services.

Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be a challenge for both estheticians and their clients. Allergies, redness, and irritation are common concerns. Therefore, a key to using a hypoallergenic strip wax is its special formulation to be gentle on sensitive skin types. Most will contain fewer potential allergens, like pine rosin & beeswax, making it an excellent choice for those prone to skin sensitivities.

Gentle Hair Removal from the Root

A secondary advantage of hypoallergenic strip wax is its ability to remove hair from the root. Unlike shaving or depilatory creams, which only cut the hair at the surface, waxing with strip wax pulls the hair out from its root. This results in slower regrowth and softer, finer hair over time, making it a preferred choice for many clients.

Quick Melting and Easy Application

Efficiency is essential in a busy esthetician's day. Hypoallergenic strip wax should melt more quickly in a wax warmer, allowing you to save time during your sessions. 

Pleasant Post-Wax Experience

The post-wax experience is just as crucial as the waxing process itself. Focused on minimizing skin reaction, hypoallergenic strip wax helps to leave clients with smoother, less irritated skin. Say goodbye to redness, irritation and pesky bumps!

Suitable for All Hair Types

But that's not all! Hypoallergenic strip wax isn't just gentle, it's also a multitasker.  Estheticians always encounter different hair types from body to body and body part to body part. From fine to coarse, dark to light, hypoallergenic strip wax is versatile enough to grip all hair types with ease, it ensures smooth and effective hair removal.

A Perfect Complement to Hypoallergenic Hard Wax

Using a combination of hypoallergenic soft and hypoallergenic hard wax can contribute to efficient time management during waxing sessions. Soft wax spreads easily over larger areas, allowing for quick application to clean-up stubborn hairs, while hard wax hardens relatively quickly, enabling rapid removal. This efficient process can save time and increase productivity, leading to greater client satisfaction. This two-step process is designed to provide maximum performance with minimal time commitment. Superior results without sacrificing comfort and convenience, so you can focus on delivering the best service possible.


In conclusion, hypoallergenic strip wax, like Cleari Zero, is a game-changer in the world of hair removal. As an esthetician, offering this gentle and effective option to your clients can set your services apart from the rest. The versatility, affordability, and comfort of hypoallergenic strip wax, can help you create a loyal and satisfied client base. Your clients will thank you, and your business will thrive.

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