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7 Salon Conversation Topics To Use With New Clients

When you work at a salon, forming a relationship with customs is important. The better you get to know your clients, the more comfortable they’ll feel—and a welcomed customer is more likely to return for your spectacular service. Test out different salon conversation topics to use with new clients to keep them feeling welcome!

Ask About Their Hair

It’s no secret that nearly all hairstylists are natural conversationalists. However, knowing how to engage with a client can be challenging sometimes. So, start by talking about their hair. Since the client came into your salon for haircare, asking questions about it is natural.

Hair-centric topics don’t feel overly personal, yet they allow the two of you to get to know one another. Consider asking your new customer the following:

  • What they like most about their hair.
  • What they want to change about their hair.
  • How they like to style their hair.
  • What products they prefer to use.

Asking these questions opens the door to a deeper conversation without pressure, but it also helps you do your job. Stylists are artists, but they can’t give a client a new hairdo without consulting the customer. By getting answers to the above questions, you’ll also know what will and won’t work with their hair type.

Ask About Hair-Related Problems

Now is the perfect time to ask about any hair-related problems the client has. Some may complain about damaged hair or ask for tips on how to repair it. In this case, you can dive deeper into the conversation by asking what products they use and how often they use heat on their hair to get to the root of the problem.

Pro Tip:

If your client admits to using harsh products or heat often, don’t chastise them. Instead, keep communication light by explaining to them why their past actions resulted in damaged hair. Together you can also seek out solutions such as alternative products.

Ask What Brought Them In

Ask how they heard about your salon and what brought them in. Although some clients may need a trim, others may want a new style for an upcoming occasion. Ask about the big event to get the conversation rolling.

Pro Tip:

By asking about what brought them in, you may also find out what additional services they want. If your salon offers services ranging from waxing to haircare, customers may come in for several things, especially when they’re in for an occasion. Bombshell Wax sells professional wax beads for all waxing needs that ensure client comfort.

Discover Their Interests

Hair-centric topics will only get you so far, and you want the conversation to feel organic. Consider asking your new client about their hobbies and interests. Not only is this an easy way to get to know someone, but you may also find you have things in common.

As you cut and style your customer’s hair, ask them about:

  • Their passions
  • Their favorite book or television show
  • Their favorite things to do

Make sure the conversation moves both ways—share details about yourself, too. This will make the client feel more comfortable as they get to know a little bit about you.

Ask for Suggestions

As you get to know your client, ask them for suggestions on their favorite restaurants and other places to go. For example, a conversation on their favorite vacation spot could turn into a conversation about their passion for traveling. When topics shift and change naturally, talking becomes easier. When this happens, the time will fly by as you both talk and learn about one another.

Ask About Their Goals

Asking a client about their passions will turn the spotlight on them. Gear it towards their interests so it doesn’t feel like an invasion of privacy. For instance, ask them what’s on their bucket list or ask them what they’d do if they won the lottery. Remember to share some information about yourself, too. They could love learning about your goals.

Ask If They Have Pets

When the conversations feel light, it’s easy to keep things moving forward. Find out if your client has a pet and how they got it. Most love sharing the story of how they found their furry friend. Conversations about pets are safe while asking about relationships or children may feel intrusive.

Conversations To Avoid

Knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing salon conversation topics to use with new clients. By saying or doing the wrong thing, your client may feel judged. Likewise, some subjects are too personal to talk about in the salon. Avoid conversations on:

  • Politics. Political topics can quickly turn into arguments if you disagree with one another.
  • Religion. Religion is a way of life to many people; questions may feel offensive.

Relationships. Clients could feel offended if you inquire about their personal life on such a level.

Avoid discussing personal health, finances, and gossip. Discussing these topics with a new client reflects poorly on the salon and your professionalism and will only result in arguments.

Pro Tip:

Sometimes a client may start one of these uncomfortable conversations, but that doesn’t mean you have to engage. Politely inform them that you prefer to refrain from these topics at work, then open the floor to a neutral conversation.

Avoid Over-Sharing

While the conversation should move both ways, you shouldn’t talk too much. Keep your responses positive and to the point, so the customer feels engaged; they’re the center of the conversation, after all. If you fear you’re taking too much, then focus on their reactions. Some people are on the quieter side, and others just need a little nudge to start talking.

Always Keep Customers Comfortable

Just like any skill, you can perfect your skill of conversation. Talking to customers puts them at ease and allows them to relax while receiving your service. Refrain from sensitive topics and talking too much; both reflect poorly on your shop. Instead, keep each conversation lighthearted by asking about their interests, what brought them in, and most importantly, their hair.

Getting to know new clients is important since they’ll see you as a friend rather than a service. Always make them feel welcome; they’ll remember the experience and how great it felt. Keep these suggested conversations starters in mind the next time you have someone new in the salon.

If you’ve got a salon that offers everything, shop at Bombshell Wax to purchase products that enhances the waxing experience by lessening pain. The more comfortable new clients feel, the more likely they are to become regular consumers!

7 Salon Conversation Topics To Use With New Clients

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