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Save 10% | Clearli Zero Hypoallergenic | buy 4

$80.00 $72.00

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Save 10% | Clearli Zero Hypoallergenic | buy 4

Save 10% | Clearli Zero Hypoallergenic | buy 4

$80.00 $72.00
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  • Clearli Zero Soft Wax, 4-15 oz

Clearli Zero Strip Wax is a low-temperature, hypoallergenic depilatory professional soft wax with a very creamy texture that’s used as a primary soft strip wax for all small and large body parts. It also works as a secondary clean-up wax for stubborn-to-remove hairs. Our Clearli Zero soft wax is gentle to the skin and comes in a Microwavable Container! Plus, a bonus 500 6-in wax sticks make this an unbeatable offer!

Clearli Zero Strip/Soft Wax is sold in increments of 15 oz. cans


  • Clearli Zero Soft Wax: 4 x 15oz tubs
  • 500 ea. 6-in wax sticks
  • 150 wax strips
  • 86 Skin Foam

Best sensitive wax on the market

"I've been an esthetican for over a decade. Working with a lot of different wax. Bombshell has been by far the best wax I've tried. Wiletta"


Amazing product

"This product does everything expected. Quality product!" Bianca

  • Fantastic on face, body & intimate areas - gender neutral
  • Can be applied thin for additional cost savings
  • Grabs all hair types and as short as 1/4-inch
  • Eliminates need to tweeze
  • Highly Flexible & doesn't break.

Q: Do licensed professionals get wholesale pricing or discounts?
A: Yes. Professional prices get lower as more wax is purchased.

Q: How long does an order take to receive, once placed?
A: Orders placed by 5pm EST, Mon thru Fri, ships same day. Estimated delivery times:

  • 1 to 2 days to CT, ME, MA NH, RI & VT (New England)
  • 1 to 4 days outside New England
  • Call if You need an order sooner: (833)-786-3999

Q: Does Bombshell charge shipping?
A: Orders under $250 are charged a low nominal flat rate. Shipped FREE over $250.

Better Ingredients

A superior Beeswax blend, carefully sourced with ethical standards.

Better Experience

Adheres more to the hair and not the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft & supple and clients feeling confident & fresh.

Better World

Doing business together, we help animals, people, plants and our planet to thrive.