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Wax Warmer Insert 6" - 5 lb. melt capacity


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Wax Warmer Insert 6" - 5 lb. melt capacity

Wax Warmer Insert 6" - 5 lb. melt capacity

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This exquisite aluminum wax container features two heat-proof handles and a lid, designed especially for use with the Equipro Duo-Pil Maxi wax warmer. Its snug 6" tank opening swiftly heats low or high temperature hard (non-strip) wax beads--what a perfect fit!

  • 6 inch tank diameter
  • Capacity of 2.5-lb of wax

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"Recommend this company to any esthetician. Beyond impressed!" Meghan


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A superior Beeswax blend, carefully sourced with ethical standards.

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Adheres more to the hair and not the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft & supple and clients feeling confident & fresh.

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