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The World's Best Professional Waxing Brand. Best Prices for the Pros Start @ 2 Bags or 2 Cans!


PRE & POST WAX Products

Leave clients’ skin feeling calm, soothe & protected with Bombshell’s amazing selection of creams, oils, and facial sheet mask skincare products. Find pre- and post-wax care products for skin relief with our wet sheet masks, which can calm and soothe, hydrate, rejuvenate, reduce while plumping up fine lines and wrinkles, aid in anti-aging, repair blemishes, diminish dark circles, and acne. Give your clients’ skin new life in just a few short minutes with our luxurious offerings of sheet masks. Avoid ingrown hairs and acne post-waxing with skin pads; calm, strengthen, and disinfect the skin with post-wax care products; and prevent wax from sticking to the skin with pre- and post-wax care products like depilatory oil. Protect your skin before and after waxing with Bombshell’s offerings of creams, oils, and facial sheet mask waxing after care products

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