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Eyebrow Ruler Stencil - 20 Pcs


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Eyebrow Ruler Stencil - 20 Pcs

Eyebrow Ruler Stencil - 20 Pcs

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  • Permanent makeup & brow design necessitate accuracy. Our eyebrow stencils are carefully crafted to be part of your kit with meticulous exactness to protect you and let you create stunning works of art!
  • Our eyebrow stencils are carefully crafted with exact precision to make sure your kit is protected and you can easily create stunning looks.
  • Our mapping stickers stay firmly affixed, reliably withstanding active use! They won’t shift, wrinkle or bend. These disposable make-up tools are essential for eyebrow upkeep.
  • Our professional grade eyebrow stencils accommodate a variety of eyebrow shapes and sizes, from lanky to chubby and everything in between. Easily place them on forehead and contour with your fingers to adapt to oval, round, square, and other face shapes.
  • High precision, equidistant lines, and optimal adhesion to all skin types make this eyebrow stencil the ideal tool for repeated use.

Better Ingredients

A superior Beeswax blend, carefully sourced with ethical standards.

Better Experience

Adheres more to the hair and not the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft & supple and clients feeling confident & fresh.

Better World

Doing business together, we help animals, people, plants and our planet to thrive.