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Scraper Cap | Hard & Soft Wax Cans


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Scraper Cap |  Hard & Soft Wax Cans

Scraper Cap | Hard & Soft Wax Cans

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This wax pot insert features an inbuilt scraper bar, so wax aficionados can easily get rid of any extra wax buildup. It's sized perfectly to fit around the average soft wax or hard wax canister.

  • 17 oz capacity
  • 3.875 inch diameter
  • Snaps onto any customary hard or soft wax can

Beyond Impressed

"Recommend this company to any esthetician. Beyond impressed!" Meghan


Better Ingredients

A superior Beeswax blend, carefully sourced with ethical standards.

Better Experience

Adheres more to the hair and not the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft & supple and clients feeling confident & fresh.

Better World

Doing business together, we help animals, people, plants and our planet to thrive.