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Pre & Post Depilatory Skin Oil
Pre & Post Depilatory Skin Oil

Pre & Post Depilatory Skin Oil

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Pinky Winky, a pre-depilatory and post-depilatory oil, is a light-weight mineral oil and is one of the best-kept Wax Artist secrets!

Pre-depilatory oil, unlike powder, creates a barrier between the wax and skin that has many advantages:

  • Enhance Waxing Experience – Pinky Winky prevents wax from adhering to the skin, reducing a lot of treatment discomfort. 
  • Reduced trauma – If needed, wax can be applied again over the same area with the help of post-depilatory oil.
  • Reduce Costs – Pinky Winky allows wax to spread thin over lightly oiled skin, reducing the amount of required wax.
  • Quick & Clean - Wax is removed without residue and sticky clean-up.

By applying a very thin layer of Pinky Winky post-wax oil, you can help moisturize the skin, especially during the winter season.

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