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Eye Masks for Sale | Red Wine Crystal Eye Mask (5pairs)

Eye Masks for Sale | Red Wine Crystal Eye Mask (5pairs)

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Bombshell Red Wine Crystal Eye Masks work instantly to: 

  • Reduce dark-circles & puffiness
  • Hydrate
  • Tighten & revitalize delicate skin around the eye

Skin Types: All skin types

Keep It Simple to Build More Revenue:

  • Combine with a wax treatment or Add as a quick add-on
    • Suggested $19.95 add-on
  • Retail as an Express Home-Care or Post-Travel Skin Pick-Me-UP
    • MSRP of $5/pair or 3 for $12


  • Place sealed mask in warm water for 1–2 minutes
  • Open foil packet
  • Remove and lay gel masks evenly under the eyes
  • Leave on for 15–20 minutes
  • Remove mask and discard, massage in the remaining essence from the pack
  • Do not rinse or cleanse skin around the eyes after use, finish with an eye cream

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