Master Class Waxing Zone Method™ Series

Looking to improve your waxing methods to ensure every client leaves the salon feeling satisfied? Then check out online body waxing classes!
The Master Class Waxing Zone Method™ Series:

  • Curriculum is above & beyond what was learned to pass the State Board.
  • Series to include Facial, Body, Brazilian, Bikini & Speed waxing.
  • Learn to improve Your treatment time while boosting profitability.
  • Step-by-step live Waxing Zone Method™ demonstrations & illustrations.

Every salon owner and technician benefits from improving their skills. Take our online body waxing class to learn about the best techniques you can only do with Bombshell’s quality wax!









      Our creator, Jessica Johnson, operated a full-waxing business with space limitations and cringed at the thought of keeping multiple waxes warm to be used based on the treatment.

      So Jessica formulated each Bombshell Wax to:

      Stay pliable & never break

      Remove hair with less pain

      - Perform anywhere (face, body & below the belt)

      Therefore, it is Your choice of which Bombshell Wax to select based simply on Your preference of color, subtle scent & texture.


      - subtle scent: Fragrance Free (new)

      - color: Fiji Blue

      - texture: Crème

      - skin type: All skin types

      - hair type: Face & Body

      - cure time: 28 sec

      - main ingredients: pine rosin / bees' wax


      - subtle scent: Grapefruit/Lime

      - color: Blue

      - texture: Gel

      - skin type: All skin types

      - hair type: Face & Body

      - cure time: 28 sec

      main ingredients: pine rosin / bees' wax


      - subtle scent: Rose

      - color: Pink

      - texture: Crème

      - skin type: All skin types

      - hair type: Face & Body

      - cure time: 28 sec

      - main ingredients: pine rosin / bees' wax

      SIMPLi ZEN

      - scent: Fragrance Free

      - color: Basalt Stone

      - texture: Hybrid

      - skin type: All skin types

      - hair type: Face & Body

      - cure time: 22 sec

       main ingredients: synthetic polymer, hypoallergenic, vegan friendly

      We have repackaged our hard wax into 1/3lb & 1/2lb metal sample tins. They can be inserted directly into a wax warmer without the clear cover.

      Each hard wax perform well on sensitive skin because of our quality ingredients and manufacturing process.

      Though, our Simpli Zen is 100% synthetic, fragrance FREE and it's clean formulation contains no pine rosin or bees wax. Giving you peace of mind about allergic or sensitivity risks.

      In any instance a client is identified as being highly sensitive, perform a test patch.

      The consistency of the wax should be soft but not runny. We have identified that temperature to be between 130°F to 135°F.

      Bombshell hard wax should roll up in a 'lollipop' around the top of spatula, and not drip for a second or two.

      PRO: grabs fine hairs and ideal for larger areas of the body. 

      CON: cannot be re-applied because it's adherence level to skin may cause more bruising or may pull skin off.

      CON: maybe more uncomfortable because it adheres to skin more than hard wax.

      PRO: less painful on the face than soft wax.

      PRO: grabs shorter hair and can be waxed over the same area.

      PRO: hair follicles and pores open up from the heat, making it much easier to pull the hair out.

      PRO: adheres less to the skin making a better waxing experience.

      - hair should be a 1/4 inch long for fine hair.

      - exfoliate to diminish bacteria and sebum.

      - wear loose fitted, breathable fabrics.

      Soft wax is applied warm and removed using a woven or non-woven strip. Hard wax is thicker, applied warm and is removed without the use of a strip.

      American Bikini Wax - $35 -$50

      Arms - $25 - $40

      Arm Pits - $15 - $25

      Back - $40 - $55

      Bikini – $30 - $35

      Brazilian Wax - $55 - $90

      Chest – $45 - $55

      Chin – $10 - $15

      Eyebrows – $8 - $20 

      Full Legs – $60 - $70

      French Bikini Wax - $40 - $60

      Half Legs – $35 - $40