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We Are About You

The boutique family of Bombshell Wax is inspired by Your artistry.  We feel privileged to be in the position to help raise the level of Your confidence while helping You grow Your Brand.
We believe combining Your talent with Bombshell Wax will create a beauty and magnetism that flows from the insides out of everyone of Your clients.  And the truth is, how You make people feel will define how great Your Brand reputation is in the neighborhood You practice.
Born from the Hands of a Hair Waxer
Jessica Johnson, an aesthetician, educator and spa owner, understood how rewarding but incredibly demanding it is to be perfect at your craft.
In 2002 she was pushed by her desire to be the best and searched the world for the best ingredients and best partner to formulate the world's best wax.
In 2005, Bombshell Wax was born!
Meghan C. "Best Wax Ever! I recommend this company to any esthetician. Beyond impressed."

Why Bombshell Wax?

Better Ingredients

Bombshell Wax is made with only the finest rosins and essential oils to eliminate skin irritation and promote skin health.

Better Profit

Bombshell wax costs less than other recognized brands and removes more with less.

Better Experience

Created to melt faster at lower temperatures, Bombshell Wax stays pliable, tacky, removes hair quickly and with less effort and less pain.
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