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Body Hair Removal Wax

Bombshell supports your professional hair removal services with hard and soft waxes that deliver reliable and consistent results for both you and your clients. Our luxurious body hair removal wax is crafted with the finest ingredients and essential oils, which help eliminate skin irritation. We formulated our wax in a way that made it safe for a variety of skin types and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. When you melt our wax, it liquifies faster at lower temperatures, making it stay pliable and tacky, facilitating quicker, less painful hair removal. The lower melting temperature also lets the wax set quickly, which allows the wax artists to work faster. Our body hair removal wax is so effective that you will use less product and remove more hair. Save money and shop our selection of Bombshell hard wax beads in a variety of available sizes, soft wax, and waxing kits!

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