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Q: What is a Master Case Wax?
A: A Master Case is;

  • 25-lbs of Ipanema Aquamarine Blue Bead Hard Wax.
  • Packed loose inside an industrial grade clear polyethylene bag.
  • Sealed with a reusable industrial grade zip-lock Velcro tie.
  •  Shipped secure inside an industrial grade cardboard case.

Every waxing artist needs incredible body wax to care for clients with ease. Bombshell’s 25 lbs. blue hard wax beads purchased as a Master Case, will melt quickly and require less product to get the job done. Our wax is also pliable as it molds your customers' skin. Make sure every client leaves happy with your services. Shop for hard wax beads in bulk, so you always have this beauty essential readily available.


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