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Keep Your Clients' Friends asking, "Who Does Your Lashes?"

Dirty Lash is the first lash extension cleanser in a mascara wand tube formulated to untangle and fluff lashes while eliminating protein build-up & and keeping Your lash artistry looking Brand New!

Why is it necessary for Your clients to use a lash extension wash?

Natural oils and dead skin cells when not washed away properly can build up on the eyelids, causing itchiness, inflammation, and caked-looking lashes. Dirty Lash is a healthy option to conveniently wash it all away.

What else should I know about Dirty Lash?

  • Shortens Your clean-up time between fills
  • Does not compromise the lash or lash glue integrity
  • Healthy for the surrounding skin
  • More Perceived Valued & Revenue
    • Customize Lash Extension Service to Include Dirty Lash
    • Retail Dirty Lash

How and when is Dirty Lash applied?

Gently spool or twirl the lashes with your Dirty Lash wand to remove any debris. If needed, splash lashes with warm water and pat dry.

Using every morning will help untangle and straighten overlapping lashes from side sleeping positions.

Using this lash extension cleanser before every ladies night-out will keep clients' friends commenting, "WOW!"

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