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Like most, I live life on auto pilot and don’t pay too much attention to the promotions inundating my radio, TV, email and text messenger; it’s much like rushing through the airport trying to make a connecting JetBlue flight - nothing will make you stop and listen to an overhead announcement unless something is said that is meaningful to you. 

Unfortunately, most promotions fall on blind eyes and deaf ears because they too are meaningless to the audience, for example;

An E-mail wax promotion: 20% off of Leg Waxing 
  • 20% is offered by every competitor = 95% Hit DELETE
  • Waxing is not preferred by those who like to laser = 99% Hit DELETE

The E-Keys will instill a message into your promotion and increase the number of readers who will stop, read, adsorb and act on your waxing campaign.  The E-Keys are;

  1. Engage - Attract your target customer to your promotion with subject matter that resonates to her individually so she will want to read on!
  1. Educate - Knowledge provides people with the confidence and control to make decisions easily.  Educate her with information that validates what is important to her. This will inspire her to read on!
  1. Entice - Newly acquired knowledge and low risk offers = new business!

An E-Key Wax Promotion

ENGAGEHate Hair on Your Legs; Waxing vs Laser?

  • Hate Hair...” will resonate, consciously & unconsciously to reader.  In addition, the secondary subject of “Waxing vs Laser?” will keep the attention of those who prefer laser.

EDUCATEDid you know vellus hair on your legs and face are too thin & too light for laser hair removal.  Waxing is perfect and effective for all hair types!  

ENTICEPurchase a 3-Treatment Leg Series for $60 and receive a FREE lip wax.  Our speed Wax Artists will have you feeling smooth, sassy & sexy in minutes!


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